I’ll admit, knowing which 3D printer to buy can be overwhelming. In this post, I’ll review the Anycubic Photon 3D UV Resin printer. I’m not paid by Anycubic in any way or form, and my review is in my honest opinion.



At first glance, this machine is cool looking. With it’s yellow alien like cover, and the anodized turquoise pieces – it’s definitely designed to stand out. But I was interested more in how it performs and not how it looks.

When this printer arrived to my doorstep, I was impressed by the packaging. Check out my unboxing video here and you can see for yourselves. Sometimes videos speak louder than words. My setup video is also on YouTube, so check it out.


The Anycubic is a nice charcoal color, with turquoise, red and yellow accents. There is a lid, which I thought I would love, that is clear yellow. This yellow makes taking videos and photos easier, and also allows you to see your build in process more easily.



I feel like this build plate is larger than described. It definitely seems larger than I am used to. It’s a very shiny turquoise and smooth on all edges. The way the built plate attaches to the machine is also nice, as it feels studier than my other printer. Overtightening (which I tend to do) isn’t an issue with this so far, and I feel comfortable knowing my build plate is secure. Because of the lid, there isn’t a convenient place to hang my build plate when it’s done to drip.

The resin tank also holds more resin than my other printer, so be careful not to overfill the vat. I haven’t changed the FEP yet, but when I do, I’ll add it to my review.


While the lid is an awesome idea – it isn’t a tight seal, and leaks that resin smell. After just adding resin to the printer and starting a print, my print room filled with the smell. For those of you who are irritated by the smell, I would recommend lining the lid with a foam gasket and adjusting the hinges. The lid is also a huge hindrance when adding resin, removing my resin tank, and even removing the build plate. My wife doesn’t have “manly hands” as she calls it, so it’s easier for her, but still a pain in the ass.



The USB and power switch are located on the side. And while it’s easy to reach, you’re also way more likely to get resin in the ports. I wish they would have found a way to either “pop out” the ports a bit, or protect them better. I have a piece of masking tape over the top, just in case.

Let’s talk about this screen. It’s a grey screen with light blue text. Super hard to read. I’m often finding myself moving from side to side to find the right angle to view the screen. I hope in future releases they choose to go with a different screen type.

The beeping is super annoying. While I thought it would be cool to know when my print was done, the beeping is excessive. Two times to start, and twice again at the end. I wish they was a way to only have the ending beep, or turn it off completely. I use a timer to gauge when my prints are done, and they are in the other room, so the beeping does nothing but annoy my wife and dog.

The machine is also louder than my other machine. It’s not super loud, but a difference. Think of a fan on high always running (well, if you’re a resin junkie like me) and that’s about the sound it makes. Also, the up/down motion is about 5 times louder than my other machine. The combination of those 2 elements is VERY loud.



The tool kit you recieve is nice, and contains the tools you need to setup the printer. It isn’t the nicest I’ve received but it does the trick. You get 2 masks, a few gloves, 1 scraper , handles, 1 usb drive, and some hardware and tools to put the machine together. A side note: the scraper they give you is worthless. It will frustrate you more than anything, I recommended these for removing your prints from the build plate.

While it is cool they gave you handles to move the machine, I’ll never use them. They only helped with unboxing.



As with most resin 3D printers, the print quality on this is awesome! Super clear, precise prints. Check out my first print with the Photon here.


AnyCubic Photon: